Bench Project - Pt. 1

Hey ya’ll (sounding a little southern eh? After all, I do live in South Florida). I hope you all had a fabulous start to the new year. I surely cant complain, Its been three days of non-stop relaxation with family and friends. Well, I have decided to be a little daring and take on some challenging projects this year and reupholstering is something I always wanted to do. Once and for all I have to let go of the fear of it not coming out the way I would like it to. So I will just jump to it without hesitation. Reupholstering it is!

I found this bench at the local thrift today and just had to bring it home. It was priced at $30 but with a little hustling (and pointing out the horrible finish on the fabric) I scored it for $20. I like the fabric it has, but I would like to buy new fabric and give those legs a facelift.


Its perfect for our master bedroom or maybe even for the living room in front of our bay window. If you look closely you can see the shadow of the tufted buttons under this layer of white fabric. I cant wait to get to the skeleton and see what’s underneath it all.


And the carved legs are so pretty, I wonder what’s the name of this style of legs.


Now off to remove all the staples to see what Im working with.

Stay tuned, I will be posting pictures tomorrow once I finish removing the 200+ staples it seems to have.


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