House Tour

Its been 4 months since we moved into our new house (our very first house) and I have to admit that having full time jobs have kept up extremely busy. We have not done much but bring in the few pieces of apartment living furniture we had.

We're planning to paint this month so im thrilled to start picking out the beautiful colors our house will show off.

Here's a tour of our nekid house (prior to moving in)

(I apologize for the bad photos taken with my phone a few months ago -
I promise to show you new ones soon)

 I'll post new pictures as we renovate each room and dress them up.

Floor Plan
(including the furniture layout Im digging + a tub we will be installing - ignore any measurements shown as its not accurate)

Home Exterior

Entrance & Living Room area

Dining Room
 (Overlooking from the kitchen)


Guest Bathroom

Room # 1 (Stepson's room)

Overlooking backyard

Room # 2 (Office )

Pics Coming Soon!

Room # 3 (Master Bedroom)

Pics Coming Soon!

Master Bathroom

Pics Coming Soon!

Laundry Room aka "The Wash Hause"
Pics Coming Soon!

Efficiency / In-Law-Quarters

Pics Coming Soon!

Thanks for stopping by to check out our home!