Spooktacular Halloween Themes

Halloween is finally here. I have a busy day ahead of me today filled with candy and costumes related activities.  
Here are some Spooktacular Halloween Decor I love...I Hope you enjoy!

Image Source: Martha Stewart

Image Source: Pottery Barn

 Image Source: Amy Atlas

Image Source: Living Locurto

Image Source: Martha Stewart

Image Source: Google

Image Source: At Home with Kim Vallee

Image Source: Grandin Road

 Be safe & enjoy!!!


My Dream Mom Cave...

There's an awesome Giveaway and Link-Up party being hosted today by Kate of Centsational Girl Blog.

HomeGoods "MOM CAVE" Contest

1. Describe your "Mom Cave" and get creative!
2. Share how would a $250 gift card help you create your own 'Mom Cave".
***The top prize is a $250 gift card to HomeGoods, and there will also be four runners up, each winning their own $50 gift card to HomeGoods.***

I think I'd better go with # 2 since there's nothing creative about my current Mom Cave.
See for yourself....

But I know that deep down inside this bland and boring space there are endless possibilities as to what I can do to turn it into the dream Mom Cave Im yearning for.

I would use the $250 gift card to buy a beautiful white desk with alot of storage and ample space to display my artwork and design magazines. Also a comfortable and elegant chair where I can sit back and relax would come in handy.

This mom cave below is such a dream...

Image Source: Unknown

I would paint the walls more of a pastel color and add a shelving system to place some of my favorite books and crafts...

This mom cave has all of the storage I need...and that lilac color on the wall is just so pretty.

Image Source: Viva la Blogette

And definitely splurge on a beautiful chandalier.

These milk flower vases will fit righ in to liven up the space with fresh flowers...

and let me not forget to buy geometric pattern fabric to make a set of drape panels similar to these...

Ok so at this point I would have to really stretch the $250 gift card to purchase all of these items and make this dream Mom Cave a reality.

But then again, who wouldnt want to have a gorgeous space to free all of your creativity and  relax?

Kate, thanks for the opportunity to join in the fun...


Weekend Thrifty Finds...

Today is the beginning of my new weekly series of "WTF" (as in Weekend Thrifty Finds, not the other WTF, Ha!). Since I usually take a trip down to the local thrifts on either Saturdays or Sundays as my weekend routine, I decided its time to create this new way of featuring the interesting elements I find at the thrifts and end up bringing home either to re-use or re-paint.

Take a look at this weekend's thrifty finds...

Ceramic Candle Holders ($0.50 the set) 
 I will be placing these on my nighstands with my favorite french vanilla candles inside.

Wild Giraffe ($1.95 for this beauty)
 I plan to tame her wild side by giving her a coat of white paint and placing her in our office.

Zebra Bowls from JungleWare by Genmert ($3.00 the set) 
Say no more!!!...adding them to my obsession of Everything Zebra.

 Ceramic Sea Shell  ($2.25)
 This is home to the new plant in our guest bathroom. Hopefully this beautiful planter will motivate our little plant to stay freshly green.

 Here they are on top of La Toilette...

 and making an appearance on our vanity.

Branches & Birds Wall Decals set ($1.95) 
This is only the front cover of the package - not the actual size of the decals.

 See how cute the decals look on the walls in this picture found online.

What a bargain!!!
and to think I only spent $9.65 on all of these items

(Ohhhhh im doing the Happy-Thrift-Shopper dance righ now...watch meh!)



Oh my Succulent Fetish...

These gorgeous water-suckers are my all time favorite flowers. Im a sucker for these succulents.

Today I headed over to Home Depot and noticed they had a great sale on these babies $1.99 per Succulent. Sadly I was in a hurry and had forgotten my wallet at home (darn!)...But I shall return tomorrow to grab a few so that I can start my very own Succulent garden. My front porch will be looking fabulous after the new greenery addition.

And while searching online a few moments ago, I came across this super cool ceramic planter by Design Night.

Oh how I adore its lotus/blossom-like shape.

Its  form allows each pocket to collect water, keeping these cuties nice and hydrated.

 This amazing planter can hold plants that need to root deeper as well as the short potted succulents.

Here are some inspirational Succulent gardens which I love...

Image Source - The Inspired Bride

Image Source - ProFlowers

Image Source - Illustrated Gallivant Blog

Image Source - NetFlorist

Image Source -adelaides events

 Image Source - Augury shop at Etsy

And check out these last stylish planters...talk about a Succulent Fetish a la fashionistah!

Image Source - Giddy Spinster Shop


To show you my new succulent garden.

What do you think? Makes the cut among the other ones???


Quatrefoils & Trellis Motifs...Oh my!

So everywhere I turn I see these patterns. I feel like I've been hypnotized (and I love it). Now after drooling over these beautiful and elegant design elements, I find myself yearning for some Quatrefoil and Trellis in my home too...

West Elm - White porcelain drum side table (pictured above in bedroom)

Chiasso Trellis Pillow

 Ballard Designs Trellis wallpaper

Ballard Designs  Abbey Mirror

Sur la Table Bronze Quatrefoil Barware

Maharan Quatrefoil 459340 by Alexander Girard, 1954 fabric

Talaria Enterprises (MuseumZE)  Gothic Quatrefoil Large Round Wall Mirror.

The Anna Lantern from Julian Chichester

And although these patterns are such a true beauty, I would suggest you use one or perhaps two design pieces in a room, so that the pattern doesnt overwhelm the space.

Is there a design pattern or motif you absolutely love?

Please feel free to share, come join in and enjoy the fun!


Frame Hunting

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~unknown~

...And so I've been looking for a special place in our house to display images of the wonderful moments we've shared as a family...and now that I've found a niche - its time to gather up all of our family photos and buy the perfect picture collage frame. So back to Tar-jay we go!

(Cruising the isles @ Target)

Tons of cute frames and not sure which one to pic...But I did find these lovelies my walls would love to inherit.

Umbra Noma Multiframe @ Target $34.99

Fiora Pinwheel Collage Frame @ Target $59.99

A few more stores left to visit before I make my final selection...I did mention it has to be the "Purrrrrrrrrrrfect" frame.

Considering that my walls are currently naked, I better decide on the perfect frame Pronto!

Oh I almost forgot (silly me), I found this beautiful frame at Tar-jay on the Clearance section for only $4.95, definitely a steal....Boooyahhhh!!!

Sorry for the bad pic - I snapped it with my cell phone.

 I cant wait to re-size our wedding photo for this one and hang it in our room once the bedroom make-over is all set and done.

Thinking of placing it on the wall behind our armoire. Its going to look Gourd-geous!

Can you tell Im excited?