Celebrate a way to save BIG.

September is National Coupon month and Im all about saving BIG.
Over the weekend I found out about an awesome website that teaches you how to use coupons from your Sunday newspaper and online in order to save up to 91% in grocery and drug store items. Isnt that great?

Main key points :

  • Buy your Sunday's newspaper and remove the three coupon insert books (RedPlum, Smartsource, and P&G).
  • Date each coupon book with the date of the newspaper.
  • Visit http://www.couponmom.com/ and print out the coupon list from their database and voila!
  • Pair up coupons with store rebates and BOGOs (Buy one Get one Free) deals and Save BIG.

Check out Stephanie Nelsons's (the coupon mom) website http://www.couponmom.com/ and learn how.

There's also a website dedicated to this concept, check it out for yourself http://www.nationalcouponmonth.com/

Happy Saving!!!


  1. Michelle b10/04/2010

    Hi kenia! Great post. I'm definately checking those websites out. Thank you! Btw, I found you through house tweaking. Good luck with your new blog:)

  2. Hi Michelle b!
    Thanks for stoping by and checking out my blog. Im so glad you enjoyed this post, definitely this website for coupons and savings have saved me some Mooolahhhh$$$$ over these past few months and I hope you save too. Oh my goodness you've made me jump of excitement, you're my very first comment since I started blogging...Thanks again and please continue to stop by.