A little trip to the Re-Store

Yesterday I decided to check out the local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and I was in awe as I walked through every isle. They sell so many home repair stuff and even some awesome furniture that people donate.

They even had these beautiful chandelier which I fell in love with. I was definitely not in love with its $650 price tag. Even if I would have bought it (which I wouldnt have - not at that price) it would probably look too big in my small dining area. These were donated by the Home Design Show. Now Im wondering who the designers are behind these master pieces hmmmmm....

Ooooh and this funky one too...

I did however ended up buying two nightstands for our master bedroom - each had a $75 price tag but since a friend of mine works there -  I was able to get them 50% off with her employee discount (Thanks  M).

Wooohoooo!!! That's $37.50 ea. (Yeahhhhh Baby!)

That shiny silver piece on top of the nightstand is the base of a gorgeous lamp I purchased at Target last night... I'll fill you in on this beauty once I find the perfect lamp shade :-)

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