Paper Cutting for the Holidays…

For the past few weeks I have been wanting to take some time to make either a paper garland or individual paper snowflakes. So today I decided to search the web for a variety of patterns and came across this word...

 “Scherenschnitte” {pronounced Sharon-sh-net}.

 Little did I know this word meant the “Art of Paper Cutting” in German. And so I googled it and just look at all the wonderful designs that popped up.


I just had to print of these lovely designs to include in our Holiday décor. 
I chose these Angels and printed the picture on regular sized 8x10 paper.


I then carved out the inner white part of the picture with an x-acto knife.


Since my printer was very low on black ink and I was feeling a bit lazy to go buy another cartridge, It just seemed right to go over the design with a black sharpie (which worked out great, take a look). Then off to cut the outer white part of the paper.


And  here’s the result… So many endless possibilities in paper cutting.
I cant wait to cut a few more designs to place around the house.

Here it is hanging form a hurricane vase on my TV stand. It would look great transferred on the candle itself too.


And on a white plate…This is a great way to bring the holiday décor to the kitchen. I will be going out to buy some plate stands for this one.


Stay tuned for a pretty holiday garland…..I hope you’re feeling crafty too this holiday season.


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  1. Oh my gosh! I see one of my pieces on your Google search! Third row down on the right...a white piece in red. http://snippetygibbet.blogspot.com/2008/11/german-candle-pyramid-scherenschnitte.html

    (I found your blog entry because Google sends me a note every time a blog entry on "scherenschnitte" appears.)

  2. You have a lot of patience to cut that all out with a craft knife! It looks great, well worth the time and effot.