Goodwill Hunt

After reading several of the posts on Mr. Goodwill Hunting's blog last night,  I was left with an urge to run down to my local Goodwill to find some treasure. Only problem was that I was around 1:30am and of course at that time GW is closed. Ha!
Seems like Mr.GWH and I share a love for gorgeous lamps and tableware. If you havent visited his blog, take some time to check it out, you'll be amazed at his great GW finds.

So I  headed over to GW as soon as I left the office today. I must admit, it was late in the afternoon. Luckily the Super Goodwill store closes at 9pm M-F. Ohhh I was spotting the pretty elements through the glass walls as soon as I drove up to the building.

Here are my wonderful new treasures.

I scored the set of  Pottery Barn crown shelfs for $8.00
(Sold at PB for $49.99 and $59.99 each)

Cant wait to see how these will look once I put them up (here is the pic from PB of these shelves)

These gorgeous Crate & Barrel red beaded trees for $2 a pop.
(These will look fabulous on my TV stand)

I'd love to know who is the maker of these candle votives, they are so cute.
I couldnt help but bring them home, specially for $1 buck ea.

Oooooh these clear glass candle holders got my attention too. Specially since I can use them all year round. these were $2 ea.

Here they are again with some candles I had...Arent they lovely?

So I always wanted to make deviled eggs...
and never have just because I didnt own one of these Deviled Egg platter.
Well no more excuses now, deviled eggs it is. Paid $2 for this one.

I also grabbed this cute bowl, just because that lime green is my favorite color.
 I couldnt resist not taking it for $1.50

But the real steal of the day is just to come!
Ok, drum roll please... 

These authentic  Villeroy & Bock Audun Fleur plates are a beauty...
I found a set of 6 dinner plates just at $0.50 each.  Yup, you heard right.
These are originally $48.00/plate at Tablewareetc and Amazon. Which is $288 for the set of 6 plates.
Can you believe I paid only $3 for the set?

 The total bill came up to about $26.22 for all of this.
(Including the PB Shelves) 

Have you found any thrifty treasures lately?


  1. what a steal! those plates have to be the cherry on top?! did you know their value before you bought them? i know nothing about dishes and glassware so when i'm thrifting i always have my phone handy so i can google the markings! lol.

  2. Hi Kay. Thanks for stopping by!
    I had absolutely no clue what they were worth until I got home and googled the name printed on the bottom. The designs on them are so nice that I would have purchased them regardless of their worth, but when I found out they were worth THAT much, I was thrilled and doing my Happy Dance inside.

  3. that is ridiculous!!!! where the heck do you live that people give that stuff away!?!? I'm amazed!!! The plates are gorgeous!! And the candlesticks!! And the shelves... And the red cones... ok everything!!! I'm jealous =)