Our Lovely Christmas Tree...

As a tradition, we usually set up our Christmas tree a few days before Thanksgiving in order to enjoy it alot longer for the holiday season...And just after I thought I was finished decorating it, I seemed to continue taking countless trips to Target, Walmart and Dollar Tree to find more inexpensive ornaments....and once again end up greeting my hubby at the door with "Hey hun, yes more ornaments"  LOL.

But each one of those trips were well worth it since I found gorgeous ornaments from $0.99 to $1.99 (not a penny more).

Not to mention, I got an unbelievable deal on our lovely faux tree a few months ago at a garage sale. I scored this amazing tree for just $10...Yes you heard right, Just $10 for this 7 1/2 ft tall faux beauty. And the previous owners were so organized that they had separated each branch by color, making it super easy for me to assemble. To our surprise, this tree ended up being alot bigger than we expected, but this has been the best bargain of all year for me.

Let me tell you...It took lots and lots of ornaments to fill this baby up. Uffff I lost count already. Good thing they were not expensive.

Where I did spent the BIG Bucks was in the net lights at $9.99 per set, which our tree took 3 sets of the nets. I had decided to buy the nets instead of the individual lights. It just seems so much easier to just throw the net on the tree and stretch it out until its completely covered, rather than keep going in circles over and over and over. Ugghhh I end  up feeling dizzy afterwards. Ok call me lazy!..No, seriously, I've been a bit lazy these past few weeks.

Enough with the lazyness...I better go clean up the mess of glitter from all over the floor.

Ok here she is, making her grand appearance.
All dressed up in her gorgeous lights gown and sparkling ornaments.

This picture above came out perfect...specially since these were taken with my camera phone - (
Sorry for the poor quality).  Here's a few more pics.

I plan to more the sofas out of the way to give it more room to shine and perhaps add a few more decorative touches around the house. Stay tuned for more coming soon.

I hope you're having fun decorating for the Holidays, after all its the season to be jolly...

Fa la la lala lala la la...

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  1. Good luck with the home renovation. It sounds like a lot of fun! jan