Weekend Thrifty Finds...

Today is the beginning of my new weekly series of "WTF" (as in Weekend Thrifty Finds, not the other WTF, Ha!). Since I usually take a trip down to the local thrifts on either Saturdays or Sundays as my weekend routine, I decided its time to create this new way of featuring the interesting elements I find at the thrifts and end up bringing home either to re-use or re-paint.

Take a look at this weekend's thrifty finds...

Ceramic Candle Holders ($0.50 the set) 
 I will be placing these on my nighstands with my favorite french vanilla candles inside.

Wild Giraffe ($1.95 for this beauty)
 I plan to tame her wild side by giving her a coat of white paint and placing her in our office.

Zebra Bowls from JungleWare by Genmert ($3.00 the set) 
Say no more!!!...adding them to my obsession of Everything Zebra.

 Ceramic Sea Shell  ($2.25)
 This is home to the new plant in our guest bathroom. Hopefully this beautiful planter will motivate our little plant to stay freshly green.

 Here they are on top of La Toilette...

 and making an appearance on our vanity.

Branches & Birds Wall Decals set ($1.95) 
This is only the front cover of the package - not the actual size of the decals.

 See how cute the decals look on the walls in this picture found online.

What a bargain!!!
and to think I only spent $9.65 on all of these items

(Ohhhhh im doing the Happy-Thrift-Shopper dance righ now...watch meh!)


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  1. Wow! You found some great deals. The decals are amazing. I really like the shell, too.