Frame Hunting

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  ~unknown~

...And so I've been looking for a special place in our house to display images of the wonderful moments we've shared as a family...and now that I've found a niche - its time to gather up all of our family photos and buy the perfect picture collage frame. So back to Tar-jay we go!

(Cruising the isles @ Target)

Tons of cute frames and not sure which one to pic...But I did find these lovelies my walls would love to inherit.

Umbra Noma Multiframe @ Target $34.99

Fiora Pinwheel Collage Frame @ Target $59.99

A few more stores left to visit before I make my final selection...I did mention it has to be the "Purrrrrrrrrrrfect" frame.

Considering that my walls are currently naked, I better decide on the perfect frame Pronto!

Oh I almost forgot (silly me), I found this beautiful frame at Tar-jay on the Clearance section for only $4.95, definitely a steal....Boooyahhhh!!!

Sorry for the bad pic - I snapped it with my cell phone.

 I cant wait to re-size our wedding photo for this one and hang it in our room once the bedroom make-over is all set and done.

Thinking of placing it on the wall behind our armoire. Its going to look Gourd-geous!

Can you tell Im excited?

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