Oh my Succulent Fetish...

These gorgeous water-suckers are my all time favorite flowers. Im a sucker for these succulents.

Today I headed over to Home Depot and noticed they had a great sale on these babies $1.99 per Succulent. Sadly I was in a hurry and had forgotten my wallet at home (darn!)...But I shall return tomorrow to grab a few so that I can start my very own Succulent garden. My front porch will be looking fabulous after the new greenery addition.

And while searching online a few moments ago, I came across this super cool ceramic planter by Design Night.

Oh how I adore its lotus/blossom-like shape.

Its  form allows each pocket to collect water, keeping these cuties nice and hydrated.

 This amazing planter can hold plants that need to root deeper as well as the short potted succulents.

Here are some inspirational Succulent gardens which I love...

Image Source - The Inspired Bride

Image Source - ProFlowers

Image Source - Illustrated Gallivant Blog

Image Source - NetFlorist

Image Source -adelaides events

 Image Source - Augury shop at Etsy

And check out these last stylish planters...talk about a Succulent Fetish a la fashionistah!

Image Source - Giddy Spinster Shop


To show you my new succulent garden.

What do you think? Makes the cut among the other ones???

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